Case Study: Hobsonville Point


With a successfully sustained decade at Hobsonville Point, Universal Homes has built and sold in excess of 850 dwellings to date across a wide range of typologies and prices.

Universal Homes was one of the very first building companies to be involved in popular Hobsonville Point, from 2010. We have completed 30 superlots, and built the first terrace home at Hobsonville Point. Home typologies initially focussed on designing and building standalone homes and duplexes, followed by terraces, walk-ups and apartments.

Stakeholder engagement

We are well experienced at working in and around the existing community and other stakeholders, as we work carefully and closely with our development partners, other companies, and the public, to ensure there’s minimal disturbance and disruption to the neighbourhood. Our depth of experience also ensures we have a meticulous approach to quality control. We take health and safety extremely seriously, with thorough processes in place. This strong health and safety ethic permeates across our suppliers and contractors.

Site development

Our overall site development achieves light interiors with a focus on solar penetration, and privacy for home occupiers, giving homes unique private outdoor spaces. These outdoor spaces are low maintenance focussing on ease of upkeep. They blend indoor living seamlessly with more living space outdoors, maximising liveability.

Commitment To Innovation

“Our commitment to innovation to constantly improve our product is showcased at Hobsonville Point. Universal Homes were first in the industry to adopt many innovative new products at Hobsonville Point, including cassette flooring systems and roofing trusses, terrace inter-wall noise systems, and bottom plate packers. We’re always finessing innovative construction systems to improve build cost, quality and timeframes.”

Kennedy Tan, Development Director at Universal Homes

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Homes in Hobsonville Point built by Universal Homes use 33% less water and consume 12% less energy than the average Auckland household (HLC, Sustainability Report 2014-15). We consistently use energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, creating sustainable homes where customers can reap the cost-saving rewards. We supply and deliver innovative sustainable solutions including water tanks, hot water heating systems, and low-flow water fixtures.

Design vision

Universal Homes is committed to creating cohesive communities at all our locations. Our design principles ensure we design each home based on the local surroundings, rich history of the area, and the unique community which homes are situated within.

Universal was the first company to cater to varying home size and style needs and budgets, by designing and building different typologies within the same block of terrace homes at Hobsonville Point. Within each block of terraces and apartments, our team creates a variety of designs for the street- facing facade so that there’s a uniqueness to homes as a visual identifier for homeowners, amidst the aesthetic cohesion of the whole.

Our design principles also provide that landscaping around our homes is integrated with Mana Whenua and the surrounds, and informed by Māori design principles. This includes the use of local flaxes and other native plantings linked to the immediate locale in the outdoor environment for each home. Each

block is located around or very close to community spaces, including laneways, green spaces and parks, to ensure there are social touchpoints for interaction and engagement between neighbours and locals.

Aesthetically, our use of proven durable materials to create an attractive street appeal with sleek and modern exterior cladding choices, contributes to a vibrant, thoughtfully designed urban development for present and future generations.

Over six decades of experience

Bringing the benefit of over six decades of expertise across dozens of large-scale developments including Hobsonville Point, Millwater, Northcote, Karaka, and Long Bay clearly demonstrates our capability to deliver.

What Our Buyers Say

“My home is new, warm and dry, and so comfortable. I really enjoy coming home every day! That’s a big thing,” states Jess, one of our recent first home buyers at Hobsonville Point.
Another contented Universal first home buyer states, “What we enjoy most about our new home is how well insulated, warm and dry it is.”

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