Warm and dry?

It’s frequently top of the list when it comes to finding a home right across the board, whether you’re a first home hunter, upsizer, downsizer, or investor. Consider it sorted: it’s a non-issue with a new Universal home.

New home: no damp

The desirable nature of dry and warm cuts to the heart of the hunt for a healthy home. Keeping your home warm and dry can be a challenge in many older homes. Living in Auckland, damp interiors and surface mould can seem like an unavoidable part of life, particularly during the cooler months of the year. A warmer, drier home means it is easier and cheaper to heat, keeping power costs down. Plus, it doesn’t require the daily chore of wiping condensation from weeping windows. We also know a warm and dry home means a better environment for our health, particularly for those with asthma and allergies.

Our homes are built to beat the damp! Continuous innovation is central to the way we operate. We use the latest in quality building materials to ensure warm and dry are non-negotiable key components of all of our homes. One example of this is how each panel of pre-cladding is engineered with a water repellent sealer to keep moisture out, while ensuring the panel remains dry. This means that when the product is exposed to the weather it will not warp or shrink. It’s a robust rigid air barrier which offers resistance to gusting winds, reducing draught, keeping homes warm and creating comfort inside.

A further example of our innovative building solutions to build better, healthier homes is the use of HIANDRI packers, which we were one of the first companies to adopt. This fully code compliant system lifts wall frames off concrete floors, allowing them to dry naturally, much faster, after any rain during construction. Previously, rain water could soak into the frames creating a potential issue with damp and causing delays while waiting for this to dry. These revolutionise the way our construction team can deal with moisture, benefitting our home owners.

Warm and Dry: A healthy home

Universal’s double glazed, fully insulated terrace, duplex and standalone homes are thoughtfully positioned to maximise natural light and warmth into your living space. Our use of windows allow plenty of natural light to permeate into our homes, for you to enjoy!

The new owner of a terrace home in Hobsonville Point, Aleisha comments, “Our Universal home represents good value for money in the current housing market. I feel grateful that we have been able to purchase a new, healthy home that allows us space to grow as a family, at a price we can afford.”

We’re experts in building quality

Building quality terrace homes for you to high standards that keep occupier health and happiness front and centre is our core purpose. Our long and strong history in building for New Zealanders for three generations, ensures you’re buying a quality home. We pride ourselves on building thoughtfully designed, expertly crafted, secure homes using the latest building materials with lasting durability.

Building best practice and going beyond code is important to us. The super-thick high performance KOROK wall systems we use ensure the shared party walls between terrace homes are not only fire and acoustic proofed to well above New Zealand safety standards, but provide a better living environment and of course property security for you.

For peace of mind, our brand-new homes are covered by a Master Build Guarantee plus Universal Homes’ 12-month maintenance period promise. It’s our commitment to you.

Advantages of a new build home

Along with the ease of living in a warm and dry home, is the ability to call your time and funds your own, without the maintenance concerns. New Universal home owner Amy comments, “We love that our home is brand new, which means it's low maintenance. There aren’t issues cropping up that we have to spend time or money fixing.”

Buying new means there’s no need for costly home improvements, reducing your outgoings. Universal home owner Nick says, “Living in a new terrace home, we enjoy that you don’t have to spend much time on maintenance. All that time you save, and DON’T have to spend on maintenance, is really reinforced by talking to mates who have to do work on the homes they live in. It’s such a major time drain.”

We’ll leave the final word for one of our recent first home buyers, Sam at Hobsonville Point, who commented,

“In my Universal terrace home I’ve had to buy a new duvet because my old one was too hot!”

Now that’s what we like to hear.