Buying with Universal

What’s the purchase process with Universal?
Is the price fixed, or is it negotiable?
What deposit amount do I need to buy a Universal Home?
What happens to my deposit if I do not proceed with purchasing a Universal home?
Can I use my KiwiSaver as part of my deposit?
Do I need to submit an offer for a tender process, to be considered alongside other offers?
Can someone put in a better offer and cash me out of the contract?
Are there any progress payments?
How long until I need to go unconditional?
What happens at settlement and how does that work?
When do I start making mortgage payments?

About our homes

Where can I look through a Universal home in person?
Do you guarantee your homes?
How long does it take to build my home?
Will my home be built within the timeframe?
Can I view the property during construction with a New Home Consultant?
Can I make any design alterations, or changes to the plans?
Can I choose my own colour scheme, or can I mix and match Universal’s colour schemes?
Can I do some of the work myself or supply some of my own fittings, such as light fixtures?
What is included with the house, including which appliances?
Can I change my appliances?
Does the house have heating?
Do your homes have double glazing?
Does the house come with curtains?
Is my property freehold? Is there a body corporate fee for my home?
Will Universal build on my land with my house plan?

First Home Buyers

I’m a first home buyer: where do I start?


I’m an investor: who can I discuss investment options with?
How do I invest in property?
How do I choose an investment property?
Where do Universal Homes have houses?
Are the houses already built?
Are your homes ready for tenants to move in?
How / where do I find tenants?
What regulations are there for rental properties in New Zealand?
What is a turnkey property?