The ideal blend of town and country, Karaka Waters and nearby Karaka Lakes epitomise prestigious country estate living. There’s the ability to enjoy all that a rural lifestyle has to offer including the area’s flourishing equestrian community, with city convenience nearby. Both locations are situated within one of South Auckland’s most picturesque country lifestyle areas, close to arterial transport routes.  

Built around an artificial lake, Karaka Lakes is a 40 hectare estate with land developed by Karaka Lakes Ltd, and a total housing stock of 600 homes. From 2009-2013 Universal Homes developed, designed and built Thornton Green and Anchorage Drive: 52 designer double storey beautifully crafted standalone homes ranging from three to five bedrooms in size. Additionally, Karaka Lake Terraces encompasses a suite of seven terrace homes built in 2017. In close proximity to a range of great schools, this estate is in the heart of equestrian country and near other outdoor based activities.  

Karaka Waters showcases the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing semi-rural lifestyle with water views, landscaped reserves and plenty of surrounding walkways. Situated on the shores of the Manukau Harbour with land developed by Karaka Waters, the estate is spread over 5.41 hectares. Universal Homes developed, designed and built ten standalone family-style homes in 2018, ranging from three to four bedrooms in size, with extensively landscaped grounds around each home.