Whether or not you’ve lived in medium-density terrace housing before, potential noise through the walls of neighbouring terrace homes can be a real worry. When it comes to buying a new terrace home, we know how high on the concern list noise transfer can feature. Thanks to Universal’s constant innovation and development, noise between terrace home walls isn’t a problem. With the use of cutting-edge sound protection in inter-tenancy walls, you’ll find noise concerns from next door are off your radar. This leaves you to focus on the important stuff, like finding your dream home!

Noise Worries?

The pain of noise bleed in terrace homes

We all want to get on well with our neighbours, particularly when it comes to needing the odd favour like grabbing the mail when you’re away. However, it can be a heart-sinking moment to see your newest neighbour has a toddler or two, a drum kit, or a puppy! Concern about acoustics or noise spill between terrace home walls can put a real dampener on daily life.

Terrace home acoustics: concerns banished!

The great news is that noise transfer doesn’t need to be an unavoidable aspect of terrace home living. The cutting-edge terrace home sound proofing used by Universal between inter-tenancy walls allays concerns over terrace acoustic issues. Universal terrace home owner Helen says,

“We were really surprised to find that living in a Universal terrace home is more soundproofed than you imagine. You truly don’t hear your neighbours. There’s a perception that you’ll hear the neighbours constantly, but it’s just not the case.”

No neighbour noise: Universal’s terrace homes

Here at Universal, we’re always innovating to ensure we’re able to create quality homes for you. We’ve ensured we’ve sorted the neighbour noise issue between terrace home walls, with considered acoustic solutions. Terrace homeowner Sue comments, “The lack of neighbour noise surprised me. The shared party walls of the terrace homes are really well built with noise-cancelling and fireproofing elements.”

Building outstanding quality homes in Auckland for over three generations is our priority, providing secure, safe homes for lasting durability. We pick quality materials best suited to building thoughtfully designed, expertly crafted homes for you, utilising state-of-the-art build materials to block extraneous noise between terrace home walls. Additionally, double glazing on all windows and ranch sliders reduces noise impact for you.

Beefing up the sound barriers with considered acoustic systems between terrace home walls takes the form of the impressively thick multi-layered KOROK fire and acoustic wall systems. This provides a better living environment with great noise protection plus property security. This innovative product is used across Universal terrace homes, featuring an interlocking clipped together steel outer shell with an aerated concrete infill, and fire and acoustic sealant. Our high-performance wall systems ensure the shared party walls between terrace homes are not only fire proofed to above New Zealand safety standards, but the noise control levels far exceed current New Zealand Standards too.

“Given the rigorous compliance testing which KOROK had been through prior to Universal selecting the product for use in our builds, it did not come as a surprise that it performed so well when we put it to the test. It’s a great product”, says Universal Homes construction manager, Grant Coutts.

Tick for Terrace

After living in a number of terraces with seemingly paper-thin walls, Michael was well impressed with the wall model in one of Universal’s show homes. “Seeing the model was one thing, getting to enjoy it, in person after several months, well - it’s fair say to say I haven’t been disappointed.” That’s peace of mind for peace and quiet.

The inherent mass and solid central barrier system between Universal’s terrace home inter-tenancy walls deals with those low-frequency noises that can cause issues between neighbours. Additionally, for personal security, there is peace of mind as a homeowner knowing you have more than just plasterboard between you and your neighbour. This cutting-edge technology adds performance value to your home, giving not just peace of mind knowing you have a high-quality build, but a superior sound protection system. Choosing not to hear your neighbours in the next terrace home is within your power!

Sweet silence! A Universal terrace home for you

Noise-related anxiety no longer needs to be a deal-breaker when it comes to deciding on a terrace home that suits you, whether that be finding the perfect layout and design, or the ideal price point. We know how hard it is to find the right home for your needs. That’s why terrace home noise isn’t a problem with Universal.

For a quality terrace home with noise protection sorted for you, check out what’s on offer!