What you need to know when buying off the plan

Sick and tired of paying for valuations, builders' reports and other due diligence for a property, only to then miss out on the sale at auction or in a multi-offer scenario? Finding the right home without compromising on quality and location can feel challenging. All this can make buying “off the plan” pretty appealing.

What do you need to think about?

Buying off the plan means you agree to purchase a property from a developer while it’s still in the process of being built. We’ve compiled a handy checklist of 8 things to think about.

Consider Quality
Do your Due Diligence
Weigh up your Finances
What's your Timeline?
Does it get your Location Tick?
What's the Light Like?
Understand Size
Think About Outdoor Spaces, as Well as Interiors

Want to know more?

Buying off the plans can be a great choice to own your own home, or as an investment property. Our expert team is here to help! Get in touch with us today.