Case Study: West Hills 


Universal Homes is six years into the construction of our 42-hectare West Hills community in rapidly growing North West Auckland, demonstrating our capability to deliver a cohesive large-scale, greenfields development at a considerable pace, with continuity and longevity.  

Begun in 2018, stage 1 and 2 are sold out with a total of 234 homes built to date. West Hills is in the process of delivering approximately 1200 new homes over the coming decade, as well as new parks, roads, and public infrastructure, right by the NorthWest Shopping Centre and key transport routes. 

West Hills Stage 1  

Begun in August 2018 and completed in November 2019, stage 1 comprised a total of 94 homes built across six superlots. There were no delays during the construction of this stage, which was completed within the projected timeframe. Typologies for this stage include 38 duplex, 50 terrace, and six standalone homes, with a bedroom mix from one to four well-sized bedrooms. Sales amounts for stage 1 homes ranged from $549,000 to $989,000. 

West Hills Stage 2

Construction on stage 2 at West Hill started in October 2020 and was completed in December 2021. A total of 76 homes were constructed across seven superlots. Home typologies include 64 terraces and 12 apartments (all walk-ups), with a bedroom mix from two to four. Stage 2 homes had prices ranging from $635,000 to $1,000,000.  

A master-planned community at scale 

Universal Homes’ master-planned West Hills community has been developed from greenfields, designed to meet the needs of an increasingly busy Auckland. Offering a vibrant community with easy access to the CBD and West Coast adventures, dwellings span styles and price points, including apartments, terraces, duplexes, and standalone homes. 

Designed With Style And Thought  

“Every morning I wake up so happy to be in this home. We really appreciate the design skill and thought that has gone into offering each Universal home its privacy. The construction quality and finishing is excellent. Whilst doing our first home inspection we could see that the home was designed with great style and thought.” 

Patricia, West Hills

Experience plus innovation

The methodologies and approach used at West Hills is the product of our 60+ years of experience and learning, resulting in innovative new ways of operating to improve quality and reduce cost.  

One example of this is the decision to undertake civil works concurrently with building new homes at West Hills, rather than waiting until land is subdivided to build. This required close coordination with Auckland Council and infrastructure partners but saved time in delivering quality new homes. “We are piloting doing civil works simultaneously with house building in partnership with Auckland Council and are one of the first to be doing this at this scale. It makes delivery more complex, but we have a great team continuously working through new, innovative solutions and it’s going really well,” states Crosby.  

Prioritising its residents’ health, happiness and well-being, West Hills is a comfortable, practical, safe and convenient location. As a cohesive neighbourhood with a unique character, the rich history of West Hills gives a strong sense of belonging to those who live there. 

From the earliest planning of West Hills, Universal Homes met with local iwi to share ideas and enable ongoing land development with respect. During the dwelling design process, our team considers the locale and its surroundings, bringing aspects of the unique and rich history of this fertile food-producing area which included market gardens and strawberry fields through into the design and build of our development. We work with Auckland Council and local iwi, including when naming new West Hills streets as just one example, to ensure meaningful cultural engagement is achieved and that the land’s history is honoured in all stages of the development. 

The vision for West Hills is to be more than a place: a community made for its people which is liveable and diverse, with a strong sense of identity. Each West Hills block is located around or very close to community spaces, including laneways, green spaces and parks, to ensure there are social touchpoints for interaction and engagement between neighbours and locals. 

Through thoughtful and quality design of the built environment, including low maintenance and private outdoor spaces, and dwellings designed to maximise natural light penetration, we aim to enhance and enable the well-being of those who live there.  

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