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Creating quality, affordable homes for Everyone at Northcote

Begun in August 2020 and completed in August 2021, Universal’s first superlot was located in the heart of Northcote development: handy to the CBD, Auckland University of Technology, and quality schooling options. It sold out swiftly, with a total of 24 homes built. 

Typologies for this stage include 11 KiwiBuilds, 11 terraces, and two standalone homes, with a bedroom mix from two to three per dwelling. Sales achieved ranged from $600,000 to $1,000,000. There were no delays during the construction of this community, which was completed within the planned time frame. 

For each of our high-density communities, we provide easy-living and affordable dwellings that maintain the amenities of larger sites, with private off-street parking and personal greenspace living.

Optimum housing on budget

Our work at Northcote has made us more adept at the balancing act of creating high-density housing that maximises the yield of each superlot and building high-quality housing that people will love coming home to. 

We carefully consider the characteristics of each superlot and use our extensive experience in building quality and affordable high-density dwellings, to craft the best possible outcome as showcased at Northcote.

Community Living

Universal designs to ensure there are social touchpoints for interaction and engagement between neighbours and locals. Balancing privacy and community living is important to what we design and build. Shared private laneway spaces at Northcote not only maximise the developable area of the superlots, but also create safer community meeting hubs away from busy streets to be utilised by residents, encouraging connection and adding to the aesthetic of the neighbourhood. 

Meeting the Kiwi Dream

“Quality homes for everyone, in popular locations: it’s what we do. We work with the market to create what people need in a home, ranging across budgets and styles, and always with our hallmark attention to expert craftsmanship, contemporary design, and practical user-friendly space for you to love living in.”

Sunil Prasad, Project Director at Universal Homes 

Focus on sustainability  

We future-proof all of the homes we build, ensuring they are energy efficient and sustainable to the highest possible degree. Our designs focus on the sustainable practices of orientation for maximum solar gains, stormwater retention and reuse, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and green spaces for gardens.  

Our Northcote homes are built to Homestar 6 standards, and we are very familiar with this process and employ Homestar consultants to assess this. 

Our design approach 

Universal homes in Northcote offer efficient functionality and quality with all the low maintenance perks, plus a stylish and modern exterior with street appeal. Design is focused on solar penetration, to maximise bright interiors. Practical layouts feature contemporary fixtures and fittings, high-performance double glazing, and space-saving features. Our design choices focus on selecting quality, long-lasting, weather-proof and durable materials that will stand the test of the elements over time.  

Our site development achieves privacy, giving homes private outdoor space. These outdoor spaces are low maintenance focussing on ease of upkeep. They blend indoor living seamlessly with more living space outdoors, maximising liveability. Within each block, our design team creates a varied design to the street-facing facade so that there’s a uniqueness to individual homes which also acts as a visual identifier for homeowners. 

What Our Buyers Say

“I love my new home, for so many reasons. It’s new! Clean! Sunny! Warm! Plus, all the people I’ve met nearby are so excited and happy with their homes, too, and there is a real sense of community.”  

Yolande, Northcote

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Universal Homes is one of the largest and most trusted residential developers in New Zealand, with high-quality builds at competitive prices.

Our Trusted Partners – Natural Habitats

Universal Homes celebrate over 30 years of partnering with New Zealand’s leading landscaping company, Natural Habitats.

The Vision for Northcote

Over the next five years, Northcote Development will see 1,700 new architecturally designed Homestar 6 rated apartments, terraces and standalone homes.
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