KOROK Acoustic and Fire Wall Systems

Turning down the noise, Universal’s terrace homes are fitted with innovative and impressively thick multi-layered and soundproofed KOROK inter-tenancy partition wall systems.

Completed Projects: Hobsonville Point

Universal Homes Hobsonville Point homes

A vibrant waterside community, Hobsonville Point is situated close to Albany and Westgate. This popular location is surrounded by plenty of parks and water views.

The Perks Of Apartment Living

Universal Homes northcote loungerender

Think you know what apartment living entails? Kick stereotypes to the curb and check out the fresh reality of Universal Homes apartment living.

Assemble your ‘A-Team’

Universal Homes advisor

It is important that you surround yourself with a trusted team of experts as you embark on this new and exciting life stage.

Why Buy a Universal Home? 

Universal Homes poka showhome

Universal Homes is one of the largest and most trusted residential developers in New Zealand, with high-quality builds at competitive prices.